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11 Sri Yantra Designs
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Prosperity Attraction
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The Greatest Manifestation Tool

The Most Powerful Mystical Instrument

A mystic would charge you at least $1500 for setting this up at your home.

You can do this on your own and manifest the wealthy, peaceful and prosperous life that you deserve

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Sri Yantra is the most powerful yantra among all. It is a sacred mystical instrument that creates an unbelievable amount of energy around it and attracts wealth, prosperity, love, and success. The word "Sri" literally means "wealth and prosperity" in Sanskrit and this yantra has been available to humankind for thousands of years. The yantra collection has 10 Sri Yantra designs in it and one design on the cover, which equals 11 Sri Yantras. One Sri Yantra in itself is capable of balancing cosmic vibrations that manifest a great amount of money, health, prosperity and love!

Merely looking at the yantra helps in mental relaxation and stress relief.

As soon as the yantra is in your house or workplace, it will automatically generate positive energies and your manifestative powers will rise!

Contents :

  • What a Sri Yantra is and why it's so powerful

  • What it can help you achieve

  • Instructions on installation

  • 11 Perfect Sri Yantras to choose from

  • 33 Pages 


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Once you have installed the yantra in your house as per the instructions in the book, you need to observe the energy impact for at least 54 days

If you don't see the results, we'll happily give your money back!

Yograj Om

Yograj Om is a yogi, mystic and millionaire with a mission of spreading the ancient knowledge of living a great life with the help of mystical energies.

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